About us

darem Product Manufacturing Ltd is a professional product manufacturing company. We work with overseas companies as partners to build up the product lineup. Including New Product Development with startup and innovation companies, OEM projects and mechanical products.
Our manufacturing base is located in Taiwan. Our strength are professional metal processing technology and full-range production capability from Mold, Machining, Finish, Assembly, Package to Logistic.

Choosing darem as your manufacturing partner, darem team will offer you high quality, competitive price, stable supply and mutual benefit partnership.

darem brings good product to people and industries.
Three Business Units:
Machining Parts & Hardware
Health & Sports
Industrial Equipment

darem Manufacturing Service – To help you win the global market.

Our Mission: Help global customers build up their product lineup

Our Quality Policy: Pursue an ultimate goal of zero defect for everything we manufacture

Our Vision: Manufacture a Better World

Please contact us for details. Made In Taiwan
Inquiry E-mail: sales@darem.com.tw

Metal Process

– Steel
– Stainless steel
– Aluminum
– Zinc
– Brass
– Titanium
– Tungsten steel carbide
– Acrylic
– Others

– Lathe, Milling, CNC
– Forging
– Bending, Press and Punch
– Die Casting
– Investment casting
– Aluminum Casting
– Zinc Casting
– Titanium Casting
– Extrusion
– Fixtures Design
– Others

Surface Treatment
– Polished
– Sandblasting
– Anodized
– PVD coating
– Powder Coating
– Plated
– Others